North American Mammals
What some call a passion others may call an addiction .No matter what you call it, it all starts with the love of the outdoors and I dont feel anyone can call that unhealthy.From the time we first fire a gun, bow or set our first trap we become infatuated with the outdoors and the creatures that fill it. Some see their time in the outdoors as a personal release or time to gather with freinds or family members. Ask hunters about their deer camps and you are likely to find several generations of hunters amongst them. Whether you hunt for food or for trohies you will most likely pass this on to your children also. Taxidermy allows us to display our trophies in a respectful manner that will remind us of our quest and possibly those that joined us in that adventure.
While viewing the trophies throughout my website please keep in mind that their beauty is not allways measured by the size of the horns or the  number of points but more for the love of the outdoors,sense of the adventure,the thrill of the chase and possibly time spent with friends or family. If you dont believe that just ask a child about their first hunt and listen to the excitement they share and see where the number of points will play an importance in their adventure.

Please visit the North American Gameheads and North American Lifesize pages to see various "Trophies" collected by my customers.